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2004 Habit formation in an interdependent world economyIkeda, Shinsuke / Gombi, Ichiro
2010 Sind Chinas Flitterwochen mit dem Dollar vorbei?Teng, Faxin
2010 The International Financial Crisis: The Case of Iceland - Are there Lessons to be Learnt?Hannibalsson, Jon Baldvin
2014 Keynesian macroeconomics without the LM curve: IS-MP-IA model and Taylor rule applied to some CESEE economiesJosheski, Dushko
2012 Exchange rates and trade balance adjustment: A multi-country empirical analysisBleaney, Michael / Tian, Mo
2014 The rise of the "redback" and the People's Republic of China's capital account liberalization: An empirical analysis of the determinants of invoicing currenciesIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie
2012 The persistence of current account balances and its determinants: The implications for global rebalancingClower, Erica / Ito, Hiro
2003 Germany and the European business cycle: An analysis of causal relations in an international real business cycle modelFichtner, Ferdinand
2013 Economic stability and choice of exchange rate regimesKaji, Sahoko
2013 Labor market polarization and international macroeconomic dynamicsMandelman, Federico S.

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