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DateTitle Authors
2001 Large-scale synchrony, global interdependence and contagionFriedman, Eric J. / Johnson, Simon / Landsberg, A. S.
2005 Endogeneous tradability and macroeconomic implicationsBergin, Paul / Glick, Reuven
2005 Tradability, productivity, and understanding international economic integrationBergin, Paul / Glick, Reuven
18-Dec-2014 “External Debt, Domestic Investment and Economic Growth in Cameroon” A system Estimation ApproachForgha, Njimanted G. / Mbella, Mukete E. / Ngangnchi, Forbe H.
2007 Output volatility and openness to trade: A reassessmentCavallo, Eduardo A.
1998 The reaction of exchange rates and interest rates of news releasesKreuter, Christof / Gottschling, Andreas / Cornelius, Peter
2006 Balassa-Samuelson, product differentiation and transitionFrensch, Richard
2016 International Reserves, External Debt Maturity, and the Reinforcement Effect for Financial StabilityQian, Xingwang / Steiner, Andreas
2010 Can we identify Balassa-Samuelson effects with measures of product variety?Frensch, Richard / Schmillen, Achim
2011 The Penn Effect and transition: The new EU member states in international perspectiveFrensch, Richard / Schmillen, Achim

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