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DateTitle Authors
2006 Bank efficiency in the enlarged European UnionHolló, Dániel / Nagy, Márton
2009 Determinants of European stock market integrationBüttner, David / Hayo, Bernd
2009 Uncertainty and fiscal policy in an asymmetric monetary unionHefeker, Carsten / Zimmer, Blandine
2006 Trade, gravity and sudden stops: On how commercial trade can increase the stability of capital flowsCavallo, Eduardo A.
2013 Unkonventionelle Geldpolitik: Warum die Europäische Zentralbank ihre Unabhängigkeit nicht verloren hatSchwäbe, Carsten
2011 Beating the random walk in Central and Eastern Europe by survey forecastsNaszódi, Anna
2002 Benchmark yield undershooting in the E.M.U.Antzoulatos, Angelos A.
2009 Background considerations to a regulation of the US financial system: third time a charm? Or strike three?Kregel, Jan
2009 Are the Central European Stock Markets Still Different? A Cointegration AnalysisRousova, Linda
2013 Price convergence in Euroland: Evidence from micro data without noiseMeyer, Sophie-Charlotte / Schettkat, Ronald

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