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2014 Capital's long march west: Saving and investment frictions in Chinese regionsCudré, Samuel
2015 Capital market imperfections and trade liberalization in general equilibriumIrlacher, Michael / Unger, Florian
2009 How strong is the case for dollarization in Costa Rica? A note on the business cycle comovements with the United StatesLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2008 Banking globalization, monetary transmission and the lending channelCetorelli, Nicola / Goldberg, Linda S.
2010 How strong is the case for dollarization in Central America? An empirical analysis of business cycles, credit market imperfections and the exchange rateLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2006 Decomposing the effects of financial liberalization: Crises vs. growthRanciere, Romain / Tornell, Aaron / Westermann, Frank
2004 Consumption Smoothing Across States and Time: International Insurance vs. Foreign Loansvon Furstenberg, George M.
2014 Export Market Risk and the Role of Public Credit GuaranteesYalcin, Erdal / Heiland, Inga
2014 International Financial Market Integration, Asset Compositions and the Falling Exchange Rate Pass-ThroughEnders, Zeno / Buzaushina, Almira / Hoffmann, Mathias
2010 The determinants of cross-border bank flows to emerging markets - new empirical evidence on the spread of financial crisesHerrmann, Sabine / Mihaljek, Dubravko

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