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2010 On the ease of overstating the fiscal stimulus in the US, 2008-9Aizenman, Joshua / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2009 Controlling capital? Legal restrictions and the asset composition of international financial flowsBinici, Mahir / Hutchison, Michael / Schindler, Martin
2009 On the paradox of prudential regulations in the globalized economy. International reserves and the crisis: a reassessmentAizenman, Joshua
2005 The Euro Introduction and Non-Euro Currenciesvan Dijk, Dick / Munandar, Haris / Hafner, Christian M.
2009 How does European integration affect the European stock markets?Erdogan, Burcu
2004 Are real interest differentials caused by frictions in goods or assets markets, real or nominal shocks?Ferreira, Alex Luiz
2011 The two-sided effect of financial globalization on output volatilityMeller, Barbara
2015 International Reserves Before and After the Global Crisis: Is There No End to Hoarding?Aizenman, Joshua / Cheung, Yin-Wong / Ito, Hiro
2013 Regional Implications of Financial Market Development: Credit Rationing, Trade, and LocationSeidel, Tobias / von Ehrlich, Maximilian
2012 Current accounts in Europe: Implications of the external imbalances for the future of the common monetary policyGehringer, Agnieszka

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