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DateTitle Authors
2009 A dynamic approach to interest rate convergence in selected euro-candidate countriesGabrisch, Hubert / Orlowski, Lucjan T.
2013 Sezession: Ein gefährliches SpielKrueger, Malte
2008 China's exchange rate policy: A survey of the literatureLafrance, Robert
2007 Interest rate linkages in EMU countries: a rolling threshold vector error-correction approachPoghosyan, Tigran / de Haan, Jakob / Holmås, Tor Helge
2009 Firm dynamics and real exchange rate fluctuations: does trade openness matter? ; evidence from Mexico's manufacturing sectorFuentes, Miguel / Ibarrarán, Pablo
2011 Sovereign rating news and financial markets spillovers: Evidence from the European debt crisisArezki, Rabah / Candelon, Bertrand / Sy, Amadou
2011 A game-theoretic foundation for the Wilson equilibrium in competitive insurance markets with adverse selectionMimra, Wanda / Wambach, Achim
2010 Integración financiera en Centro América: Nuevos desafíos en el contexto de la crisis internacionalGalindo, Arturo / Izquierdo, Alejandro / Rojas-Suarez, Liliana
1998 Banking and balance of payments crises: On possible causes of the twin crisesBuch, Claudia M. / Heinrich, Ralph P.
1999 Consumption and Capital Mobility in the Nordic CountriesLindberg, Sara

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