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2012 Currency mismatch and the sub-prime crisis: Firm-level stylised facts from HungaryEndrész, Mariann / Gyöngyösi, Győző / Harasztosi, Péter
2008 Booms and busts in Latin America: The role of external factorsIzquierdo, Alejandro / Romero, Randall / Talvi, Ernesto
2008 Systemic sudden stops: The relevance of balance-sheet effects and financial integrationCalvo, Guillermo A. / Izquierdo, Alejandro / Mejía, Luis-Fernando
2009 Crisis response in Latin America: Is the rainy day” at hand?Fernández-Arias, Eduardo / Montiel, Peter J.
2013 On Creditor Seniority and Sovereign Bond Prices in EuropeWestermann, Frank / Steinkamp, Sven
2011 Structured EurobondsBauer, Christian / Herz, Bernhard / Hild, Alexandra
2006 Project Finance as a Risk-Management Tool in International Syndicated LendingHainz, Christa / Kleimeier, Stefanie
2006 The balance sheet approach to financial crises in emerging marketsCozzi, Giovanni / Toporowski, Jan
2013 Imperfect Financial Markets, External Debt, and the Cyclicality of Social TransfersFrömel, Maren
2007 International Bank Portfolios: Short- and Long-Run Responses to the Business CycleBlank, Sven / Buch, Claudia M.

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