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2007 An almost-too-late warning mechanism for currency crisesCrespo Cuaresma, Jesus / Slacik, Tomas
2008 On the determinants of currency crises: The role of model uncertaintyCrespo Cuaresma, Jesus / Slacik, Tomas
2004 The trade-off between monetary and fiscal solidity: International lenders and political instabilityBohn, Frank
2006 Are twin currency and debt crises special?Bauer, Christian / Herz, Bernhard / Karb, Volker
1999 Globalisierung und unvollkommene Kapitalmärkte: verschärft die Knappheit international anerkannter Sicherheiten Länderkrisen?Fehn, Rainer
2012 Aid withdrawal as punishment for defaulting sovereigns? An empirical analysisBrandt, Jana / Jorra, Markus
2012 Another look at the determinants of current account imbalances in the European Union: An empirical assessmentGehringer, Agnieszka
2012 Current accounts in Europe: Implications of the external imbalances for the future of the common monetary policyGehringer, Agnieszka
2005 IMF and Economic Growth: The Effects of Programs, Loans, and Compliance with ConditionalityDreher, Axel
2003 Ein Modell für Finanzkrisen bei Moral Hazard und ÜberinvestitionSchwarze, Nicolas Henrik

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