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DateTitle Authors
2010 Renminbising China's foreign assetsCheung, Yin-Wong / Ma, Guonan / McCauley, Robert N.
2010 IMF surveillance and financial markets: A political economy analysisFratzscher, Marcel / Reynaud, Julien
2001 The Enlargement of the European Union and the Redistribution of Seigniorage WealthFeist, Holger
2002 Extracting risk neutral probability densities by fitting implied volatility smiles: Some methodological points and an application to the 3M Euribor futures option pricesAndersen, Allan Bødskov / Wagener, Tom
2005 Stuck on gold: real exchange rate volatility and the rise and fall of the gold standard, 1870 - 1939Chernyshoff, Natalia / Jacks, David S. / Taylor, Alan M.
2013 Subprime and euro crisis: Should we blame the economists?Spahn, Peter
2009 Macroeconomic imbalances in the United States and their impact on the international financial systemPerelstein, Julia S.
2009 Background considerations to a regulation of the US financial system: third time a charm? Or strike three?Kregel, Jan
2007 When countries do not do what they say: Systematic discrepancies between exchange rate regime announcements and de facto policiesBersch, Julia / Klüh, Ulrich H.
2004 A preliminary evaluation of monetary policy rules for RussiaEsanov, Akram / Merkl, Christian / Vinhas de Souza, Lúcio

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