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DateTitle Authors
2002 Is it time for a world currency?Shams, Rasul
2006 Die Europäische Währungsintegration nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg: Politik, Ideologie oder Interessen?Hefeker, Carsten
2001 Interest rate volatility prior to monetary union under alternative pre-switch regimesWilfling, Bernd
2001 The convergence of international interest rates prior to Monetary UnionWilfling, Bernd
2001 Since when have FOREX markets incorporated EMU into currency pricing? Evidence from four exchange rate seriesWilfling, Bernd
2014 Asian monetary integration: A Japanese perspectiveKawai, Masahiro
2011 Transparency and emerging market bond spreadsMoretti, Laura
2010 The road to monetary union in Latin America: An EMS-type fixed exchange rate system as an intermediate stepGarcia Rocabado, Daniel
2001 On the need for an international lender of last resort: Lessons from domestic financial marketsWinkler, Adalbert
2000 Monetary policy and exchange rate targeting in open economiesBofinger, Peter / Wollmershäuser, Timo

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