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2001 Braucht es monetäre und reale Konvergenz für eine (in einer) Währungsunion? Anmerkungen zu einer aktuellen DebatteSell, Friedrich L.
2005 Exchange Rate or Wage Changes in International Adjustment? Japan and China versus the United StatesMcKinnon, Ronald
2006 China's Exchange Rate Appreciation in the Light of the Earlier Japanese ExperienceMcKinnon, Ronald
1998 The EMU Consolidation Game - or: Does 3.0 Really Mean 3.0?Heinemann, Friedrich
2000 The British foreign exchange reserves puzzleHüfner, Felix P.
2002 The Contribution of the IMF and the World Bank to Economic FreedomBoockmann, Bernhard / Dreher, Axel
2009 Rose effect and the Euro: The magic is goneHavránek, Tomáš
2014 China's Exchange Rate and Financial Repression: The Conflicted Emergence of the Renminbi as an International CurrencyMcKinnon, Ronald Ian / Schnabl, Gunther
2013 The care connection: The World Bank and women's unpaid care work in select sub-Saharan African countriesBibler, Sarah / Zuckerman, Elaine
2012 Financial safety nets in Asia: Genesis, evolution, adequacy, and way forwardHill, Hal / Menon, Jayant

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