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2004 Default, Electoral Uncertainty and the Choice of Exchange RegimeHefeker, Carsten
2006 Vermeidung und Bewältigung von Verschuldungskrisen: Die Rolle privater und öffentlicher InstitutionenHefeker, Carsten
2008 Old wine in a new bottle: Subprime mortgage crisis - causes and donsequencesLim, Michael Mah-Hui
2003 Promises made, promises broken : a model of IMF program implementationJoyce, Joseph P.
2004 A True Test: Do IMF Programs Hurt the Poor?Hajro, Zlata / Joyce, Joseph P.
2006 Implementing an International Lender of Last ResortKnedlik, Tobias
2013 RMB internationalisation and currency co-operation in East AsiaVolz, Ulrich
2013 Sezession: Ein gefährliches SpielKrueger, Malte
2008 China's exchange rate policy: A survey of the literatureLafrance, Robert
2011 What international monetary system for a fast-changing world economyBénassy-Quéré, Agnès / Pisani-Ferry, Jean

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