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2010 Investigating the effect of exchange rate changes on transpacific rebalancingThorbecke, Willem / Komoto, Ginalyn
2011 Transpacific imbalances and macroeconomic codependencyThorbecke, Willem
1999 Whether and when to liberalize capital account and financial servicesWilliamsonn, John / Drabek, Zdenek
2010 The International Financial Crisis: The Case of Iceland - Are there Lessons to be Learnt?Hannibalsson, Jon Baldvin
2014 Paradas e fugas súbitas dos fluxos de capital nos países emergentes: Fatores globais e locaisda Silveira, Marcos Antonio C. / Moreira, Ajax
1990 The Critique of the Price Specie Flow: A Historical NoteHomburg, Stefan
2013 Hot Money Flows, Commodity Price Cycles, and Financial Repression in the US and the People’s Republic of China: The Consequences of Near Zero US Interest RatesMcKinnon, Ronald / Liu, Zhao
2005 Trade costs, trade balances and current accounts : an application of gravity to multilateral tradeFazio, Giorgio / MacDonald, Ronald / Melitz, Jacques
2014 An Independent Scotland’s Currency Options Redux: Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Currency ChoiceMacDonald, Ronald
1999 Predicting real exchange rates from real interest rate differentials and net foreign asset stocks : evidence for the mark/dollar parityMeier, Carsten-Patrick

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