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2000 Trade in financial services, capital flows, and the value-at-risk of countriesCornelius, Peter K.
2005 International Capital Markets and Informal Dollar Standards in the CIS and East AsiaSchnabl, Gunther
2014 Let's blame Germany for its current account surplus!?Jost, Thomas
2014 Capital account liberalization and exchange rate flexibility: Scenarios for the Moroccan caseEzzahid, Elhadj / Maouhoub, Brahim
2013 A desagregação dos fluxos financeiros durante os eventos de parada súbita na entrada de capital externoda Silveira, Marcos Antonio C.
2003 Are Foreign Institutional Investors Good for Emerging Markets?Menkhoff, Lukas / Frenkel, Michael
2012 Determinants of Global and Intra-European ImbalancesSchnabl, Gunther / Freitag, Stephan
2010 The International Financial Crisis: The Case of Iceland - Are there Lessons to be Learnt?Hannibalsson, Jon Baldvin
2013 Bubble Thy Neighbor: Portfolio Effects and Externalities from Capital ControlsStraub, Roland / Forbes, Kristin / Fratzscher, Marcel / Kostka, Thomas
2005 The transition economies : a NATREX evaluation of researchStein, Jerome L.

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