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DateTitle Authors
2011 Current account imbalances in the euro area: catching up or competitiveness?Belke, Ansgar / Dreger, Christian
2008 Relative price levels and current accounts: An explorationAizenman, Joshua
2006 Real exchange rate and international reserves in an era of growing financial and trade integrationAizenman, Joshua / Riera-Crichton, Daniel
2007 Large hoarding of international reserves and the emerging global economic architectureAizenman, Joshua
2007 Globalization and the sustainability of large current account imbalances: Size mattersAizenman, Joshua / Sun, Yi
2003 An investigation of current account solvency in Latin America using non linear stationarity testsChortareas, Georgios / Kapetanios, George / Uctum, Merih
2003 Stabilizing poverty in the context of the IMF's monetary modelChand, Sheetal K.
2001 Poverty alleviation as a central objective of developing country macroeconomic policyChand, Sheetal K.
2011 Imposing a balance of payment constraint on the Kaldorian model of cumulative causationRazmi, Arslan
2009 Bretton Woods II and the emerging economies: Lazarus, Phoenix, or Humpty Dumpty?Razmi, Arslan

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