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DateTitle Authors
2007 Fiscal and monetary policies and the cost of sudden stopsHutchison, Michael M. / Noy, Ilan / Wang, Lidan
2010 Hoarding international reserves versus a Pigovian tax-cum-subsidy scheme: Reflections on the deleveraging crisis of 2008-9, and a cost benefit analysisAizenman, Joshua
2009 Selective swap arrangements and the global financial crisis: Analysis and interpretationAizenman, Joshua / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2012 Bilateral imbalances in EuropeBerger, Helge / Nitsch, Volker
2013 On the persistence of trade imbalances: Evidence from EuropeBerger, Helge / Nitsch, Volker
2005 Trade liberalisation, the income elasticity of demand for imports and growth in Latin AmericaPacheco-López, Penélope / Thirlwall, A. P.
2005 Trade liberalisation, the balance of payments and growth in Latin AmericaPacheco-López, Penélope / Thirlwall, A. P.
2004 Trade liberalisation in Mexico: Rhetoric and realityPacheco-López, Penélope / Thirlwall, Anthony P.
2009 Current Account Imbalances and Structural Adjustment in the Euro Area: How to Rebalance CompetitivenessZemanek, Holger / Belke, Ansgar / Schnabl, Gunther
2013 Reservas internacionais revisitadas: Novas estimativas de patamares ótimosVonbun, Christian

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