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2004 Importzoll, Beschäftigung und Leistungsbilanz: ein mikrofundierter AnsatzBleich, Torsten
2011 Imposing a balance of payment constraint on the Kaldorian model of cumulative causationRazmi, Arslan
2010 What drives portfolio investments of German banks in emerging capital markets?Wildmann, Christian
2009 Bretton Woods II and the emerging economies: Lazarus, Phoenix, or Humpty Dumpty?Razmi, Arslan
2010 From the great moderation to the global crisis: Exchange market pressure in the 2000sAizenman, Joshua / Lee, Jaewoo / Sushko, Vladyslav
2009 International gross capital flows: A new measure and application to a global panelJanus, Thorsten / Riera-Crichton, Daniel
2009 Controlling capital? Legal restrictions and the asset composition of international financial flowsBinici, Mahir / Hutchison, Michael / Schindler, Martin
2010 International reserves and swap lines: Substitutes or complements?Aizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin / Park, Donghyun
2009 The financial crisis and sizable international reserves depletion: From "fear of floating" to the "fear of losing international reserves"?Aizenman, Joshua / Sun, Yi
2004 Are real interest differentials caused by frictions in goods or assets markets, real or nominal shocks?Ferreira, Alex Luiz

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