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2007 Does openness to trade make countries more vulnerable to sudden stops, or less? Using gravity to establish causalityCavallo, Eduardo A. / Frankel, Jeffrey A.
2006 Phoenix miracles in emerging markets: Recovering without credit from systemic financial crisesCalvo, Guillermo A. / Izquierdo, Alejandro / Talvi, Ernesto
2011 Commodity price volatility, democracy and economic growthArezki, Rabah / Gylfason, Thorvaldur
2004 A Currency Crisis in Europe? The Europe's common currency and the new accession countriesKrawczyk, Mariusz K.
2006 Hobbes and the political economy of powerWittman, Donald
2006 Real exchange rate and international reserves in the era of growing financial and trade integrationAizenman, Joshua / Riera-Crichton, Daniel
2005 The transition economies : a NATREX evaluation of researchStein, Jerome L.
2010 Inter-temporal savings, current account dynamics and asymmetric shocks in a heterogeneous European Monetary UnionSchnabl, Gunther / Zemanek, Holger
2007 IMF-supported adjustment programs: Welfare implications and the catalytic effectDe Resende, Carlos
2008 Futures markets, oil prices and the intertemporal approach to the current accountArbatli, Elif C.

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