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2011 Trade in secured debt, adjustment in haircuts and international portfoliosTrani, Tommaso
2013 Fiscal Divergence and Current Account Imbalances in EuropeSchnabl, Gunther / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2010 Does Foreign Exchange Reserve Decumulation Lead to Currency Appreciation?Dominguez, Kathryn M. E. / Fatum, Rasmus / Vacek, Pavel
2004 Characterizing Movements of the U.S. Current Account DeficitMiddendorf, Torge / Schmidt, Torsten
2009 A simple model of an oil based global savings glut: the China factor and the OPEC cartelBelke, Ansgar / Gros, Daniel
2009 Real convergence, capital flows, and competitiveness in Central and Eastern EuropeBelke, Ansgar / Schnabl, Gunther / Zemanek, Holger
2014 Fiscal devaluation in a monetary unionEngler, Philipp / Ganelli, Giovanni / Tervala, Juha / Voigts, Simon
2010 Capital flight: China's experienceCheung, Yin-Wong / Qian, Xingwang
2013 Explaining the German trade surplus: An analysis with an estimated DSGE modelVogel, Lukas / Kollmann, Robert / Ratto, Marco / Roeger, Werner / In 't Veld, Jan
2013 Fiscal devaluation in a Monetary UnionEngler, Philipp / Ganelli, Giovanni / Tervala, Juha / Voigts, Simon

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