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1998 Banking and balance of payments crises: On possible causes of the twin crisesBuch, Claudia M. / Heinrich, Ralph P.
2002 Exchange rates and long-term bondsAlexius, Annika / Sellin, Peter
2011 A case for interest rate inertia in monetary policyBask, Mikael
2002 Are the Central and Eastern European Transition Countries still vullnerable to an Financial Crisis? Results from the Signals ApproachBrüggemann, Axel / Linne, Thomas
2011 Managed floats to damp world-wide exchange rate liquidity shocks like 1982-5, 2006-9: Field and laboratory evidence for the benefits of a single world CcrrencyPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard
2011 Hospital costs and unexpected demand: The case of GreeceBoutsioli, Zoe
2011 Are exchange rates really free from seasonality? An exploratory analysis on monthly time seriesCellini, Roberto / Cuccia, Tiziana
2009 Productivity, the terms of trade and the real exchange rate: The Balassa-Samuelson hypothesis revisitedChoudhri, Ehsan U. / Schembri, Lawrence
2007 Testing uncovered interest parity: A continuous-time approachDiez de los Rios, Antonio / Sentana, Enrique
2007 Where does price discovery occur in FX markets?D'Souza, Chris

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