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DateTitle Authors
2003 The use of flow analysis in foreign exchange: exploratory evidenceGehrig, Thomas / Menkhoff, Lukas
2002 Markov switching regimes in a monetary exchange rate modelFrömmel, Michael / MacDonald, Ronald / Menkhoff, Lukas
2006 The Obstinate Passion of Foreign Exchange Professionals: Technical AnalysisMenkhoff, Lukas / Taylor, Mark P.
2003 Do fundamentals matter for the D-Mark/Euro - Dollar? : A regime switching approachMenkhoff, Lukas / MacDonald, Ronald / Froemmel, Michael
2002 A drift of the drift adjustment methodMundaca, B. Gabriela
2000 A real differential view of equilibrium real exchange rates and misalignmentsHoffmann, Mathias / MacDonald, Ronald
2007 Monetary policy operations of debtor central banks in MENA countriesSchnabl, Gunther / Schobert, Franziska
1994 The transmission of correlated shocks under mixed exchange ratesSundararajan, Srinivasa
2006 Capital markets and exchange rate stabilization in East Asia: Diversifying risk based on currency basketsSchnabl, Gunther
2003 Foreign Exchange Controls, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, and the Black Market PremiumFardmanesh, Mohsen / Douglas, Seymour

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