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DateTitle Authors
2013 The Transmission of US Financial Stress: Evidence for Emerging Market EconomiesSchüler, Yves S. / Fink, Fabian
2009 The Transatlantic Banking Crisis: Lessons and EU ReformsWelfens, Paul J. J.
2011 The real exchange rate, real interest rates, and the risk premiumEngel, Charles
2013 Public Debt, Economic Growth and Nonlinear Effects: Myth or RealityEgert, Balazs
2013 Umbau der Finanzmärkte: Übermäßiges Vertrauen in Marktrationalität hält anDullien, Sebastian
2013 Currency union and foreign direct investment inflow: Evidence from Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)Adam, Anokye M.
2012 European Monetary Union and foreign direct investment inflowsPantelidis, Pantelis / Kyrkilis, Dimitrios / Nikolopoulos, Efthymios
2010 Bilateral trade, openness and asset holdingsPeter, Alexandra
2013 Optimal Fiscal Action in an Economy with Sovereign Premia and without Monetary Independence: An Application to ItalyPhilippopoulos, Apostolis / Varthalitis, Petros / Vassilatos, Vanghelis
2005 On PPP, unit roots and panelsWagner, Martin

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