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DateTitle Authors
2011 Portfolio holdings in the euro area - home bias and the role of international, domestic and sector-specific factorsJochem, Axel / Volz, Ute
2004 Cross-Border Securities Clearing and Settlement Infrastructure in the European Union as a Prerequisite to Financial Markets Integration : Challenges and Perspectivesde Carvalho, Cynthia Hirata
2007 The geography of asset holdings: Evidence from SwedenCoeurdacier, Nicolas / Martin, Philippe
2010 The option of last resort: A two-currency EMUArghyrou, Michael G. / Tsoukalas, John D.
2011 The influence of working capital management on the food industry enterprises profitabilityBieniasz, Anna / Gołaś, Zbigniew
2008 Sovereign wealth funds: Stylized facts about their determinants and governanceAizenman, Joshua / Glick, Reuven
2007 The puzzling evolution of the home bias, information processing and financial opennessMondria, Jordi / Wu, Thomas
2002 Optimal bailout during currency and financial crises: A sequential game analysisMundaca, Gabriela
2012 Central bank communication and correlation between financial markets: Canada and the United StatesBeck, Melanie-Kristin / Hayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2015 Management of the External Value of the RenminbiOksanen, Heikki

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