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DateTitle Authors
2012 Are there bubbles in the Sterling-dollar Exchange Rate? New evidence from Sequential ADF TestsBettendorf, Timo / Chen, Wenjuan
1999 An eclectic approach to real exchange rate: DeterminationCerveró, Susana G.
2010 Do banks benefit from internationalization? Revisiting the market power-risk nexusBuch, Claudia M. / Koch, Cathérine Tahmee / Koetter, Michael
2009 Margins of international banking: is there a productivity pecking order in banking, too?Buch, Claudia M. / Koch, Cathérine Tahmee / Koetter, Michael
2006 Heterogeneity in lending and sectoral growth: evidence from German bank-level dataSchertler, Andrea / Buch, Claudia M. / von Westernhagen, Natalja
2008 The Impact of Aid on Growth an aid disaggregation approachOuattara, Bazoumana / Strobl, Eric
2004 Between Two Poles: Matching Trade and Exchange Rate Regimes in MercosurBusse, Matthias / Hefeker, Carsten / Koopmann, Georg
2002 Yen or Yuan? China's role in the future of Asian monetary integrationHefeker, Carsten / Nabor, Andreas
2008 International price discovery in the presence of microstructure noiseGrammig, Joachim G. / Peter, Franziska J.
2002 Contagion of currency crises: Some theoretical and empirical analysisKarmann, Alexander / Greßmann, Oliver / Hott, Christian

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