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2012 The link between international remittances and private interhousehold transfersBeyene, Berhe Mekonnen
2012 The effects of international remittances on poverty and inequality in EthiopiaBeyene, Berhe Mekonnen
2011 Remittances, migrants' education and immigration policy: Theory and evidence from bilateral dataDocquier, Frédéric / Rapoport, Hillel / Salomone, Sara
2008 Remittances, exchange rate regimes, and the Dutch disease: A panel data analysisLartey, Emmanuel K. K. / Mandelman, Federico S. / Acosta, Pablo A.
2013 A socio-economic picture of Kosovar migrants and their origin farm householdsMöllers, Judith / Meyer, Wiebke / Xhema, Sherif / Buchenrieder, Gertrud
2011 Are Remittances a 'Catalyst' for Financial Access? Evidence from MexicoAmbrosius, Christian
2009 Migration, remittances and educational outcomes: The case of HaitiBredl, Sebastian
2012 Remittances, Banking Status and the Usage of Insurance SchemesCrayen, Dorothee / Hainz, Christa / de Martinez, Christiane Ströh
2012 Remittances and Gender-Speci fic Employment Patterns in Peru - a longitudinal AnalysisGöbel, Kristin
2007 Social relations and remittances: Evidence from Canadian micro dataVadean, Florin P. / DeVoretz, Don J.

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