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1994 International Competitiveness and the Choice of Entry Mode: Japanese Multinationals in U.S. and European Manufacturing IndustriesYamawaki, Hideki
1993 Regional Integration and the Location of Knowledge-Intensive Multinational Firms: Implications for Comparative Advantage and Welfare of Outsiders and InsidersBraunerhjelm, Pontus
1994 Swedish Direct Investment in Low-Cost CountriesAndersson, Thomas / Hellström, Håkan
1994 Multinational Corporations, Country Characteristics, and Clustering in Foreign Direct InvestmentBraunerhjelm, Pontus / Svensson, Roger
2007 Exporting and FDI with endogenous productivitySecrieru, Oana / Vigneault, Marianne
2002 Multinational companies and indigenous development: An empirical analysisGörg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2014 Vertical integration and supplier financeKersting, Erasmus / Görg, Holger
2001 Multinational enterprises and new trade theory: Evidence for the convergence hypothesisBarrios Cobos, Salvador / Görg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2008 Whole versus Shared Ownership of Foreign AffiliatesRaff, Horst / Ryan, Michael / Stähler, Frank
2005 Taxation and the financial structure of German outbound FDIMintz, Jack / Weichenrieder, Alfons J.

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