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2009 Do foreigners replace native immigrants? Evidence from a panel cointegration analysisBrücker, Herbert / Fachin, Stefano / Venturini, Alessandra
2010 Empirical methods in the economics of international immigrationLozano, Fernando A. / Steinberger, Michael D.
2005 International migration: a panel data analysis of economic and non-economic determinantsMayda, Anna Maria
2006 The (self-)selection of international migrants reconsidered: theory and new evidenceBrücker, Herbert / Defoort, Cécily
2007 Social deprivation and exclusion of immigrants in GermanyHaisken-DeNew, John P. / Sinning, Mathias
2008 Labor market outcomes of immigrants and non-citizens in the EU: an East-West comparisonKahanec, Martin / Zaiceva, Anzelika
2008 The effects of naturalization on immigrants' employment probability (France, 1968 - 1999)Fougère, Denis / Safi, Mirna
2007 Migrant networks, migrant selection, and high school graduation in MexicoMiranda, Alfonso
2008 Remittances and the brain drain: skilled migrants do remit lessNiimi, Yoko / Özden, Çağlar / Schiff, Maurice
2008 Selection criteria and the skill composition of immigrants: a comparative analysis of Australian and US employment immigrationJasso, Guillermina / Rosenzweig, Mark Richard

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