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2008 Consumers and the brain drain: product design and the gains from emigrationKuhn, Peter / McAusland, Carol
2008 Migration and the wage curve: a structural approach to measure the wage and employment effects of migrationBrücker, Herbert / Jahn, Elke J.
2008 International mobility of the highly skilled, endogenous R&D, and public infrastructure investmentGrossmann, Volker / Stadelmann, David
2008 From illegal to legal: estimating previous illegal experience among new legal immigrants to the United StatesJasso, Guillermina / Massey, Douglas S. / Rosenzweig, Mark Richard / Smith, James P.
2007 Do immigrants affect firm-specific wages?Malchow-Møller, Nikolaj / Munch, Jakob Roland / Skaksen, Jan Rose
2008 Scale, diversity, and determinants of labour migration in EuropeZaiceva, Anzelika / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2013 10 years after: EU enlargement, closed borders, and migration to GermanyElsner, Benjamin / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2008 Intergenerational education mobility among the children of Canadian immigrantsAydemir, Abdurrahman / Chen, Wen-Hao / Corak, Miles
2009 On the robustness of brain gain estimatesBeine, Michel / Docquier, Frédéric / Rapoport, Hillel
2009 Do foreigners replace native immigrants? Evidence from a panel cointegration analysisBrücker, Herbert / Fachin, Stefano / Venturini, Alessandra

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