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2005 The IMF in a world of private capital marketsEichengreen, Barry / Kletzer, Kenneth / Mody, Ashoka
2011 Determinación de las bases para construir un modelo de explicación de la deslocalización empresarial a través de la revisión de los principales trabajos empíricosLampón Caride, Jesús F.
2005 Foreign Takeovers and Wages: Theory and Evidence from HungaryCsengődi, Sándor / Jungnickel, Rolf / Urban, Dieter M.
2010 Exports versus FDI revisited: does finance matter?Buch, Claudia M. / Kesternich, Iris / Lipponer, Alexander / Schnitzer, Monika
2009 Financial constraints and the margins of FDIBuch, Claudia M. / Kesternich, Iris / Lipponer, Alexander / Schnitzer, Monika
2000 Why pay more? Corporate Tax Avoidance through Transfer Pricing in OECD CountriesBartelsman, Eric J. / Beetsma, Roel
Dec-2006 Service offshoring: A challenge for employment? Evidence from GermanySchöller, Deborah
Jul-1998 Beschäftigungswirkungen der Internationalisierung - Eine Studie aus- und einfließender Direktinvestitionen der Metall- und Elektroindustrie im Raum StuttgartHolwegler, Bernhard / Trautwein, Hans-Michael
2012 The People's Republic of China's high-tech exports: Myth and realityXing, Yuqing
2013 Lessons from the European spaghetti bowlBaldwin, Richard

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