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2015 Import Competition and the Great U.S. Employment Sag of the 2000sAcemoglu, Daron / Autor, David / Dorn, David / Hanson, Gordon H. / Price, Brendan
2015 Exporters and wage inequality during the Great Recession: Evidence from GermanyDauth, Wolfgang / Schmerer, Hans-Joerg / Winkler, Erwin
2006 Trade policy and risk diversificationPfeffer, Barbara
2009 Globalization, creative destruction, and labor share change: Evidence on the determinants and mechanism from longitudinal plant-level dataMaliranta, Mika / Böckerman, Petri
2007 Winners and losers: A micro-level analysis of international outsourcing and wagesGeishecker, Ingo / Görg, Holger
2013 Wage bargaining, job loss fears and offshoringRiedl, Maximilian
2011 The export promoting effect of emigration: Evidence from DenmarkHiller, Sanne
2013 Offshoring, Exporting, and JobsGroizard, Jose L. / Ranjan, Priya / Rodriguez-Lopez, Antonio
2014 Skills, tasks and the scarcity of talent in a global economyKoch, Michael
2007 Gains from trade: Implications for labour market adjustment and poverty reduction in AfricaFosu, Augustin Kwasi / Mold, Andrew

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