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2014 A connectivity-driven development strategy for Nepal: From a landlocked to a land-linked stateRana, Pradumna B. / Karmacharya, Binod
2009 Does international trade catch up with national trade of countries? Yes.Langhammer, Rolf J.
1996 TAFTA: fuelling trade discrimination or global liberalisation?Siebert, Horst / Langhammer, Rolf J. / Piazolo, Daniel
1997 Latin America and EU widening to the East : possible effects on trade and investmentsNunnenkamp, Peter
2011 On the European Union: Turkey customs unionTogan, Sübidey
2012 EU-Ukraine DCFTA: The model for eastern partnership regional trade cooperationMovchan, Veronika / Shportyuk, Volodymyr
1998 Regional integration APEC style: Are there lessons to learn from regional integration EU style?Langhammer, Rolf J.
2012 Cross-border shopping and the Atkinson-Stiglitz theoremKessing, Sebastian G. / Koldert, Bernhard
2002 The Eastward Enlargement of the Eurozone Trade and FDICaétano, José Manuel Martins / Galego, Aurora / Vaz, Elsa Cristina / Vieira, Carlos / Vieira, Isabel
2008 NAFTA and the diversification of Mexico's exports: Emprical investigation on the predictions of the heterogeneous firms trade modelsIto, Tadashi

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