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DateTitle Authors
2012 Os brics sob a ótica da teoria dos acordos regionais de comércioFerraz, Lucas Pedreira do Couto
2005 Trade model with an optimal exchange rate motivated by current discussion of a Chinese Renminbi floatHuang, Hui / Wang, Yi / Wang, Yiming / Whalley, John / Zhang, Shunming
2003 Gender Discrimination and the International Division of LabourBusse, Matthias / Spielmann, Christian
2008 FDI liberalization as a source of comparative advantage in ChinaClaro, Sebastián
2010 Corporate Finance and Comparative AdvantageKeuschnigg, Christian / Egger, Peter
2011 The sources and magnitudes of Switzerland's gains from tradeHepenstrick, Christian
2013 Trade Openness and Cross-country Income DifferencesHepenstrick, Christian / Tarasov, Alexander
2007 The bazaar effect, unbundling of comparative advantage, and migrationKohler, Wilhelm K.
2010 International trade and monopolistic competition without CES: Estimating translog gravityNovy, Dennis
2012 Per capita income and the extensive margin of bilateral tradeHepenstrick, Christian / Tarasov, Alexander

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