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DateTitle Authors
1995 Revealed Factor Abundance and the Factor Content of Trade in Headquarter ServicesEkholm, Karolina
1996 High-Technology Subsidies in General Equilibrium: A Sector-Specific ApproachEkholm, Karolina / Torstensson, Johan
1990 Measurable Dynamic Gains from TradeBaldwin, Richard
2006 The Solow model in the empirics of growth and tradeGundlach, Erich
2008 Offshoring: why do stories differ?Kohler, Wilhelm K.
2005 Tourism, Jobs, Capital Accumulation and the Economy: A Dynamic AnalysisSgro, Pasquale M. / Chao, Chi-Chur / Hazari, Bharat R. / Laffargue, Jean-Pierre / Yu, Eden S. H.
2007 Trade, Technique and Composition Effects: What is Behind the Fall in World-Wide SO2 Emissions 1990-2000?Grether, Jean-Marie / Mathys, Nicole A. / de Melo, Jaime
2011 Robustness of the Proposed Measures of Revealed Comparative AdvantageBebek, Ufuk Gunes
1998 Preferential and non-preferential trade flows in world tradeGrether, Jean-Marie / Olarreaga, Marcelo
2012 International Trade and Management of Shared Renewable ResourceTakarada, Yasuhiro / Ogawa, Takeshi / Dong, Weijia

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