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2008 North-South trade liberalization and returns to skill in the south: the case of MexicoHazarika, Gautam / Otero, Rafael
2013 Modellierung der Erreichbarkeit öffentlicher Apotheken: Untersuchung zum regionalen Versorgungsgrad mit Dienstleistungen der GrundversorgungNeumeier, Stefan
2009 The dynamics of structural change: the European Union's trade with ChinaDettmer, Bianka / Erixon, Fredrik / Freytag, Andreas / Legault Tremblay, Pierre-Olivier
2011 Offshoring tasks, yet creating jobs?Kohler, Wilhelm / Wrona, Jens
2011 Individual attitudes towards trade: Stolper-Samuelson revisitedJäkel, Ina C. / Smolka, Marcel
2001 Explaining Intra- and Intersectoral Wage Differentials in Simple General Equilibrium Trade ModelsSpatz, Julius
2014 Exporters during the trade collapse: The (surprising) resiliency of the small exporterGiri, Rahul / Seira, Enrique / Teshima, Kensuke
2009 Immiserizing growth and the Metzler paradox in the Ricardian modelCollie, David R.
2005 Are US wages really determined by European labor-market institutions?Meckl, Jürgen
2005 Trade policy and illegal immigrationBandyopadhyay, Subhayu / Takashima, Ryo

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