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DateTitle Authors
2012 Do real-time Okun's law errors predict GDP data revisions?Barnes, Michelle L. / Gumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2001 Exporting Hyperinflation: The Long Arm of Chiang Kai-shekBurdekin, Richard C.K. / Whited, Hsin-hui I. H.
2011 Can the fiscal theory of the price level explain UK inflation in the 1970s?Fan, Jingwen / Minford, Patrick
2006 Was the New Deal contractionary?Eggertsson, Gauti B.
2011 The production impact of cash-for-clunkers: Implications for stabilization policyCopeland, Adam / Kahn, James
2014 Tests of Policy Ineffectiveness in MacroeconometricsPesaran, M. Hashem / Smith, Ron P.
2011 Detecting mortgage delinquenciesAskitas, Nikos / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2004 Can Gerhard Schröder Do It? : Prospects for Fundamental Reform of the German Economy and a Return to High EmploymentCollier, Irwin L.
2012 Counterfactual analysis in macroeconometrics: An empirical investigation into the effects of quantitative easingPesaran, M. Hashem / Smith, Ron P.
2002 How optimal are the extremes? Latin American exchange rate policies during the Asian crisisFfrench-Davis, Ricardo / Larraín, Guillermo

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