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2009 Recessions and recoveries in Asia: What can the past teach us about the present recession?Gupta, Souvik / Miniane, Jacques
2013 Analyzing fiscal sustainabilityBi, Huixin / Leeper, Eric M.
2012 Counterfactual analysis in macroeconometrics: An empirical investigation into the effects of quantitative easingPesaran, M. Hashem / Smith, Ron P.
2006 Was the New Deal contractionary?Eggertsson, Gauti B.
2011 How flexible can inflation targeting be and still work?Kuttner, Kenneth N. / Posen, Adam S.
2011 What explains the German labor market miracle in the Great Recession?Burda, Michael C. / Hunt, Jennifer
2011 Can the fiscal theory of the price level explain UK inflation in the 1970s?Fan, Jingwen / Minford, Patrick
2010 Applying the lessons of Asia: The IMF's crisis management strategy in 2008Takagi, Shinji
2011 $29,000,000,000,000: A detailed look at the Fed's bailout by funding facility and recipientFelkerson, James
2010 How to sustain the Chinese economic miracle? The risk of unraveling the global rebalancingBibow, Jörg

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