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DateTitle Authors
2013 The political economy of food price policy: Country case study of MozambiqueNhate, Virgulino / Massingarela, Claudio / Salvucci, Vincenzo
2013 Stylized facts on the interaction between income distribution and the Great RecessionAiginger, Karl / Guger, Alois
2003 Die NAIRU: Eine post-keynesianische InterpretationHein, Eckhard
2004 Macroeconomic co-ordination as an economic policy concept : opportunities and obstacles in the EMUTruger, Achim / Hein, Eckhard
2004 Leitlinien für ein dauerhaftes Wachstum in der EU? Konzept und Wirkung der Grundzüge der WirtschaftspolitikNiechoj, Torsten / Hein, Eckhard
2013 The political economy of food price: The case of EthiopiaAdmassie, Assefa
2013 Ungleiche Verteilung der Einkommen bremst das WirtschaftswachstumBrenke Karl / Wagner, Gert G.
2014 Re-Distribution, Aggregate Demand, and Growth in an Open Economy: The Crucial Interaction of Portfolio Considerations and External Account ConstraintsRazmi, Arslan
2014 Minimum Wages, Capital Accumulation and Worker's IncomesEconomides, George / Moutos, Thomas
2002 Earnings Inequality and Transition: A Regional Analysis of PolandSibley, Christopher W. / Walsh, Patrick Paul

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