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2005 Optimal monetary and fiscal policy under discretion in the new Keynesian model: A technical appendix to Great expectations and the end of the DepressionEggertsson, Gauti B.
2006 Fiscal multipliers and policy coordinationEggertsson, Gauti B.
2008 On policy interactions among nations: When do cooperation and commitment matter?Kempf, Hubert / von Thadden, Leopold
2003 Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in an Asymmetric Monetary Union§Wohltmann, Hans-Werner / Clausen, Volker
2009 Monetary Policy, Rule-of-Thumb Consumers and External Habits: A G7 ComparisonDi Bartolomeo, Giovanni / Rossi, Lorenza / Tancioni, Massimiliano
2010 The Effectiveness of Government Debt for Demand Management: Sensitivity to Monetary Policy RulesAscari, Guido / Rankin, Neil
1998 Real wage rigidities, fiscal policy, and the stability of EMU in the transition phaseBerthold, Norbert
2013 On the (In)effectiveness of Fiscal Devaluations in a Monetary Unionvon Thadden, Leopold / Lipinska, Anna
1998 Price Level Determinacy and Monetary Policy under a Balanced-Budget RequirementSchmitt-Grohe, Stephanie / Uribe, Martin
2010 Fiscal calculus in a New Keynesian model with matching frictionsCampolmi, Alessia / Faia, Ester / Winkler, Roland C.

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