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DateTitle Authors
2013 Distortionary fiscal policy and monetary policy goalsAdam, Klaus / Billi, Roberto M.
2014 Fiscal targeting rules and macroeconomic stability under distortionary taxationReicher, Claire A.
2012 Automatic stabilization and discretionary fiscal policy in the financial crisisDolls, Mathias / Fuest, Clemens / Peichl, Andreas
2004 Do large cabinets favor large governments? : evidence from Swiss sub-federal jurisdictionsFeld, Lars P. / Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2006 Fiscal policy, monopolistic competition, and finite livesHeijdra, Ben J. / Ligthart, Jenny E.
2006 The role of fiscal policy in a monetary union : are National automatic stabilizers effective?Colciago, Andrea / Muscatelli, Vito Antonio / Ropele, Tiziano / Tirelli, Patrizio
2001 Chaotic interest rate rulesBenhabib, Jess / Schmitt-Grohé, Stephanie / Uribe, Martín
1998 The perils of Taylor RulesBenhabib, Jess / Schmitt-Grohe, Stephanie / Uribe, Martin
2005 Improving the SGP : taxes and delegation rather than finesLindbeck, Assar / Niepelt, Dirk
2005 The effect of monetary unification on public debt and its real returnBeetsma, Roel / Vermeylen, Koen

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