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DateTitle Authors
1999 France and the Failure to Modernize Macroeconomic InstitutionsWhite, Eugene
2004 Fiscal stabilisation and EMUWoods, Robert
2009 Avaliando a condição da política fiscal no BrasilMendonça, Mário Jorge / Medrano, Luis Alberto / Sachsida, Adolfo
2001 Optimal fiscal and monetary policy under imperfect competitionSchmitt-Grohé, Stephanie / Uribe, Martín
2005 Managing debt stabilityBacchiocchi, Emanuele / Missale, Alessandro
2005 Policy mix and debt sustainability : evidence from fiscal policy rulesClaeys, Peter
2011 Oil price shocks and cyclical dynamics in an asymmetric monetary unionClausen, Volker / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
1998 The Policy Mix in a Two-tier Monetary Union with Constraints on Stabilization PolicyBredvad Nilsson, Christian
2008 Is fiscal policy coordination needed in a common currency area?Belke, Ansgar / Gros, Daniel
2013 Are governments able to lean against the macroeconomic wind?Kiefer, David

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