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2008 The return of fiscal policy: can the new developments in the new economic consensus be reconciled with the Post-Keynesian view?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2009 Whither new consensus macroeconomics? The role of government and fiscal policy in modern macroeconomicsFontana, Giuseppe
2007 Fiscal policy in a Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) modelGodley, Wynne / Lavoie, Marc
2009 Distributional impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: a microsimulation approachZacharias, Ajit / Masterson, Thomas / Kim, Kijong
2008 Keynes's approach to full employment: aggregate or targeted demand?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2007 Fiscal deficit, capital formation, and crowding out in India: evidence from an asymmetric VAR modelChakraborty, Lekha S.
2013 Human Capital, Social Mobility and the Skill PremiumAngelopoulos, Konstantinos / Malley, Jim / Philippopoulos, Apostolis
2011 Government budget deficits in large open economiesBuiter, Willem H. / Sibert, Anne C.
2010 Reinforcing EU governance in times of crisis: The commission proposals and beyondBelke, Ansgar
2013 Imperfect Financial Markets, External Debt, and the Cyclicality of Social TransfersFrömel, Maren

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