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2005 Guidelines for sustained growth in the EU? The concept and consequences of the Broad Economic Policy GuidelinesHein, Eckhard / Niechoj, Torsten
2002 European Monetary Union: Nominal convergence, real divergence and slow growth? An investigation into the effects of changing macroeconomic policy institutions associated with monetary unionHein, Eckhard / Truger, Achim
2005 Refocusing the ECB on output stabilization and growth through inflation targeting?Bibow, Jörg
2005 Europe's quest for monetary stability: central banking gone astrayBibow, Jörg
2007 State, difference, and diversity: toward a path of expanded democracy and gender equalityAntonopoulos, Rania / Cos-Montiel, Francisco
2007 Minsky's approach to employment policy and poverty: employer of last resort and the war on povertyWray, L. Randall
2003 The Open Method of Co-ordination on Pensions - An Economic Analysis of its Effects on Pension ReformsEckardt, Martina
2002 The Macroeconomic Loss Function: A Critical NoteMayer, Thomas
2006 Enhanced cooporation in an enlarged EUAhrens, Joachim / Ohr, Renate / Zeddies, Götz
2010 Fiscal Stimulus with Spending ReversalsMüller, Gernot J. / Corsetti, Giancarlo / Meier, André

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