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2013 Den Strommarkt wettbewerblich weiterentwickelnBardt, Hubertus / Chrischilles, Esther
2013 On the low-frequency relationship between public deficits and inflationKriwoluzky, Alexander / Kliem, Martin / Sarferaz, Samad
2013 Asset prices, collateral, and unconventional monetary policy in a DSGE modelHilberg, Björn / Hollmayr, Josef
2014 Coping with imbalances in the euro area: Policy alternatives addressing divergences and disparities between member countriesHein, Eckhard / Detzer, Daniel
2002 Anticipated Ramsey reforms and the uniform taxation principle: The role of international financial marketsSchmitt-Grohé, Stephanie / Uribe, Martín
2013 On the low-frequency relationship between public deficits and inflationKliem, Martin / Kriwoluzky, Alexander / Sarferaz, Samad
2014 Product Diversity, Demand Structures and Optimal TaxationWinkler, Roland / Lewis, Vivien
2004 Do large cabinets favor large governments?: Evidence from Swiss sub-federal jurisdictionsSchaltegger, Christoph A. / Feld, Lars P.
2013 "Haircuts" for the EMU Periphery: Virtue or Vice?Neck, Reinhard / Blüschke, Dmitri
2004 Welfare Implications of the Design of a Currency Union in Case of Member Countries of Different Sizes and Output PersistenceFrey, Rainer

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