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2008 The use of staff policy recommendations in central banksCsajbók, Attila
2007 Uncertainty about perceived inflation target and monetary policyAoki, Kosuke / Kimura, Takeshi
2000 Stabilization Policy and the Costs of DollarizationSchmitt-Grohe, Stephanie / Uribe, Martin
2007 Does too much transparency of central banks prevent agents from using their private information efficiently?Lindner, Axel
2008 Imperfect Central Bank Communication: Information versus DistractionDale, Spencer / Orphanides, Athanasios / Österholm, Pär
2010 Central bank independence and conservatism under uncertainty: Substitutes or complements?Hefeker, Carsten / Zimmer, Blandine
2001 Institutions and macroeconomic performance: Central bank independence, labour market institutions and the perspectives for inflation and employment in the European Monetary UnionHein, Eckhard
2015 Jump-starting the euro area recovery: Would a rise in core fiscal spending help the periphery?Blanchard, Olivier / Erceg, Christopher J. / Lindé, Jesper
2002 How Important Is Precommitment for Monetary Policy?Dennis, Richard / Söderström, Ulf
2002 Can a Calibrated New-Keynesian Model of Monetary Policy Fit the Facts?Söderström, Ulf / Söderlind, Paul / Vredin, Anders

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