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2008 Too many cooks? Committees in monetary policyBerger, Helge / Nitsch, Volker
2008 Does money growth granger-cause inflation in the Euro Area? Evidence from output-of-sample forecasts using Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge / Österholm, Pär
2008 Does money matter for U.S. inflation? Evidence from Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge / Österholm, Pär
2006 Foreign exchange market interventions as monetary policyPost, Erik
2010 (How) do the ECB and the fed react to financial market uncertainty? The Taylor rule in times of crisisBelke, Ansgar / Klose, Jens
2006 Money Demand and Disinflation in Selected CEECs during the Accession to the EUFidrmuc, Jarko
2003 Japan?s Financial Markets: The Lost DecadeReszat, Beate
2008 Geography or skills: what explains Fed Wachters' forecast accuracy of US monetary policy?Berger, Helge / Ehrmann, Michael / Fratzscher, Marcel
2014 Inflationserwartungen im Euroraum sind nicht mehr fest verankert: Neue Maßnahmen der EZB-GeldpolitikBernoth, Kerstin / Fratzscher, Marcel / König, Philipp / Rabe, Klara
2002 European Monetary Union: Nominal convergence, real divergence and slow growth? An investigation into the effects of changing macroeconomic policy institutions associated with monetary unionHein, Eckhard / Truger, Achim

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