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DateTitle Authors
2012 Central bank transparency and financial stability: Measurement, determinants and effectsHorváth, Roman / Vaško, Dan
2008 Convenção e rigidez na política monetária: Uma estimativa da função de reação do BCB - 2000-2007Modenesi, André de Melo
2014 Monetary Policy TransparencyGeraats, Petra
2014 Transparency, Flexibility and Macroeconomic StabilizationGeraats, Petra
2014 Are rules and boundaries sufficient to limit harmful central bank discretion? Lessons from EuropeOrphanides, Athanasios
2013 Central bank communications before, during and after the crisis: From open-market operations to open-mouth policyVayid, Ianthi
2014 Central bank communication in the financial crisis: Evidence from a survey of financial market participantsHayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
2011 Optimal indexation of government bonds and monetary policyHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Price-level targeting versus inflation targeting over the long-termHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Inflation versus price-level targeting and the zero lower bound: Stochastic simulations from the Smets-Wouters US modelHatcher, Michael C.

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