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1998 Price Level Determinacy and Monetary Policy under a Balanced-Budget RequirementSchmitt-Grohe, Stephanie / Uribe, Martin
2013 Evaluating misspecification in DSGE models using tests for overidentifying restrictionsReicher, Christopher Phillip
2012 Liquidity, term spreads and monetary policyAksoy, Yunus / Basso, Henrique S.
2008 Interdependencies between monetary policy and foreign exchange intervention under inflation targeting: The case of Brazil and the Czech RepublicGnabo, Jean-Yves / de Mello, Luiz / Moccero, Diego
2014 Inflation expectations spillovers between the United States and euro areaNetšunajev, Aleksei / Winkelmann, Lars
2010 Asset class diversification and delegation of responsibilities between central banks and sovereign wealth fundsAizenman, Joshua / Glick, Reuven
2004 Will stability last?Martin, William / Rowthorn, Robert
2013 Distortionary fiscal policy and monetary policy goalsAdam, Klaus / Billi, Roberto M.
2004 How should large and small countries be represented in a currency union?Berger, Helge / Mueller, Till
2014 Monetary policy as an optimum currency area criterionGroll, Dominik

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