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DateTitle Authors
2014 Central bank communication in the financial crisis: Evidence from a survey of financial market participantsHayo, Bernd / Neuenkirch, Matthias
1984 Estimates of Bounds for Export Price Elasticities in an Underidentified Simultaneous Two Equation SystemHorwitz, Eva Christina
2014 Search-for-yield in Canadian fixed-income mutual funds and monetary policyGungor, Sermin / Sierra, Jesus
2011 Optimal indexation of government bonds and monetary policyHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Monetary aggregates, financial intermediate and the business cycleHong, Hao
2012 Rule-of-thumb consumers and labor tax cut policy in the zero lower boundKaszab, Lorant
2011 Price-level targeting versus inflation targeting over the long-termHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Inflation versus price-level targeting and the zero lower bound: Stochastic simulations from the Smets-Wouters US modelHatcher, Michael C.
2005 Opportunistic Monetary Policy: an Alternative RationalizationMinford, Patrick / Srinivasan, Naveen
2007 Optimising indexation arrangements under Calvo contracts and their implications for monetary policyVo Phuong Mai Le / Minford, Patrick

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