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DateTitle Authors
2013 The problem of excess reserves, then and nowTodd, Walker F.
2013 Finance access of SMEs: What role for the ECB?Belke, Ansgar
2000 Agency Costs, Net Worth, and the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary PolicyFachat, Christian
2008 Interaction between housing prices and household borrowing in FinlandOikarinen, Elias
2000 Agency Costs, Net Worth, and the Credit Channel of Monetary TransmissionFachat, Christian
2008 Endogenous money: on banking behaviour in new and post Keynesian modelsGeorg, Co-Pierre / Pasche, Markus
2011 Real effects of quantitative easing at the zero-lower bound: Structural VAR-based evidence from JapanSchenkelberg, Heike / Watzka, Sebastian
2013 Arresting financial crises: The fed versus the classicalsHumphrey, Thomas M.
2015 Vote buying or (political) business (cycles) as usual?Aidt, Toke / Asatryan, Zareh / Badalyan, Lusine / Heinemann, Friedrich
2013 The role of money in modern macro modelsSeitz, Franz / Schmidt, Markus A.

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