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DateTitle Authors
2010 Různá pojetí endogenity peněz v postkeynesovské ekonomii: Reinterpretace do obecnější teorieLopušník, Ondřej
2014 House Prices, Capital Inflows and Macroprudential PolicyMendicino, Caterina / Punzi, Maria Teresa
2015 The return of black box economics: A critique of Keen on effective demand and changes in debtReissl, Severin
2014 Monetary policy effects on financial intermediation via the regulated and the shadow banking systemsMazelis, Falk
2014 Creditless Recovery in Eastern EuropeOlteanu, Dan
2015 Interest rate elasticity of bank loans: The case for sector-specific capital requirementsHense, Florian
2013 A simple model of income, aggregate demand, and the process of credit creation by private banksBernardo, Giovanni / Campiglio, Emanuele
2002 New Economy, Old Central Banks?Berk, Jan Marc
2014 A Model of Mortgage Losses and its Applications for Macroprudential InstrumentsHott, Christian
2010 Heterogeneity in money holdings across euro area countries: The role of housingSetzer, Ralph / van den Noord, Paul / Wolff, Guntram B.

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