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DateTitle Authors
2008 Financial intermediaries, financial stability, and monetary policyAdrian, Tobias / Shin, Hyun Song
2007 Persistence and nominal inertia in a generalized Taylor economy: How longer contracts dominate shorter contractsDixon, Huw / Kara, Engin
2013 Imperfect Information and Inflation Expectations: Evidence from MicrodataLamla, Michael / Dräger, Lena
2005 Is monetary policy in the Eurozone less effective than in the US?De Grauwe, Paul / Storti, Cláudia Costa
2004 Productivity and the Natural Rate of UnemploymentSlacalek, Jiri
2007 Changes in the Balance of Power Between the Wage and Price Setters and the Central Bank: Consequences for the Phillips Curve and the NAIRUKromphardt, Jürgen / Logeay, Camille
2007 Increasing returns to scale and the long-run Phillips curveVaona, Andrea / Snower, Dennis J.
2010 Foreign currency borrowing of housholds in new EU member statesCsajbók, Attila / Hudecz, András / Tamási, Bálint
2003 The return of the long-run Phillips curveGraham, Liam / Snower, Dennis J.
2012 Inequality aversion and the long-run effectiveness of monetary policy: Bilateral versus group comparisonAhrens, Steffen

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