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DateTitle Authors
2009 A unifed framework for understanding and comparing dynamic wage and price setting modelsDixon, Huw David
2013 What we can learn about the behavior of firms from the average monthly frequency of price-changes: An application to the UK CPI dataDixon, Huw / Tian, Kun
2012 Envy, guilt, and the Phillips curveAhrens, Steffen / Snower, Dennis J.
2014 The impact of the 2008 crisis on UK prices: what we can learn from the CPI microdataDixon, Huw David / Luintel, Kul B. / Tian, Kun
2007 Monetary commitment, institutional constraints and inflation: empirical evidence for OECD countries since the 1970sFreytag, Andreas / Schneider, Friedrich G.
2013 What We Can Learn about the Behavior of Firms from the average Monthly Frequency of Price-Changes: An Application to the UK CPI DataDixon, Huw D. / Tian, Kun
2013 Money Overhang, Credit Overhang and Financial Imbalances in the Euro AreaKool, Clemens / de Regt, Erik / van Veen, Tom
1999 Some lessons from the Japanese bubbleSiebert, Horst
2008 Breaking credibility in monetary policy: The role of politics in the stability of the central bankerRueda R., Miguel Ricardo
2007 Real wage rigidities and the cost of disinflations: A comment on Blanchard and GalíAscari, Guido / Merkl, Christian

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